The Guardian reports that scientific studies have demonstrated that stabbing Voodoo dolls of bad bosses can restore employees’ “sense of fairness in the world.”

Scientists at the University of Waterloo in Ontario found that what mattered to employees was a sense “that justice had been served.” In describing the study, the Guardian stated:

In a series of experiments reported in the Leadership Quarterly, workers were asked to recall a time when their boss abused or bullied them, then half were given the chance to unleash their frustration on a virtual voodoo doll. “Relative to those who did not stab and torture a voodoo doll, those who stabbed the doll representing their boss felt a greater sense of fairness and justice,” said Douglas Brown, a member of the team.

Brown concedes that employees may want to find more positive ways to vent their anger after being offended by a bad boss, but he does not dismiss the value of virtual vengeance. “I personally don’t see any harm in torturing a voodoo doll, if it makes you feel better,” he said.

While my firm does not engaged in the practice of Voodoo, I will be the first to acknowledge that at just $9.99, Voodoo dolls of your boss are a lot cheaper than lawyers.


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