Wage Theft

Has your employer been paying you less than minimum wage?  Have you not been paid for overtime?  Does your employer not allow you to take meal or rest breaks?  Are you required to perform work off the clock?  Does your employer take your tips? Maybe your employer bounced paychecks or failed to pay your final paycheck.  Perhaps your employer did not reimburse your business expenses. These are all examples of wage theft.

Who can file a claim for wage theft?
Anyone can file a claim for wage theft, regardless of immigration status.  Employers cannot exploit workers simply because they are undocumented.

Why you should call us
With over 20 years of collective experience representing plaintiffs, we stand ready to listen, and assist you through the process.  We represent private sector and state employees in Maryland and the District of Columbia as well as federal employees across the country.

What you need to have and know to bring your wage theft claim:

  • any pay documentation such as paystubs
  • if your employer does not provide a record of your hours or pay, start keeping one
  • any “bounced” checks from employers due to insufficient funds
  • notice contract your employer provided at the time of hire, documenting your agreed-upon hourly pay